The Attic is a Content repository for you and your Family Members. You can safely and securely upload and store precious images, audio, video files or documents in this central location - your Family Attic!  The Attic includes:

  • My Attic - this is your private repository for images, audio, video files or documents (these items are not shared with other Family Members). Upload items as events are happening! Use My Attic for personal storage of items you wish to hold as private or access later.

    You may download Content at any time. Each Family Member will have a private Attic.
  • Family Attic(s) - this repository is shared with a Family.  You will have one Family Attic for each Family to which you belong.

    All Family Members can access and upload/download items to/from the Family Attic(s) for the Families to which they belong.

    When you or your Family Members are ready, you can insert items from the Family Attic into your Stories!

Create Boxes in Your Attic(s)

In each of your Attic(s) you can add labelled Boxes to organize content and make items easy to find. Boxes can be labelled by sub-Family (such as your cousin's family or your child's family) or content type (travel photos, genealogy documents, etc.), or any other designation you wish! 

Share Attic Items
You can share an item in the Attic with another Family Attic!  For example, if you have an image that is stored in My Attic - you can share it with any other Family Attic that you belong to!  

Move Items from one Box to Another
You may move item(s), such as images, audio, video, or documents, from one box to another within an Attic. You cannot move items from one Attic to another Attic; instead you would need to upload the item to the desired Attic.

Delete Attic Items
You can delete any item in the Attic that you have uploaded. The Family Connector can delete any Attic item within the Family they created.

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