After you have uploaded your image(s), audio, video, or documents to the Attic, you can quickly and easily insert them into your Story from the Attic.

You must be in Edit mode in a Story to insert Content from your Attic. 

  • Click Edit or Contribute in the top navigation bar in any Story to activate Edit mode  

How to Insert Content from the Attic into a Story

To begin, move your cursor to the left side of the Page and you will see a purple circle with a '+' sign (this is the Insert New Content button):

  • Click Insert New Content button 
  • List of Content options appears; new Page starts  
  • Click Attic
  • Attic default screen appears showing My Attic icon and all Content in My Attic (also shows Family Attic icons for any other Family to which you belong). Click the Attic that houses the item you wish to insert. Selected Attic will open and all uploaded media or document items are shown
  • Click the Item(s) you wish to insert. A check box appears and the item(s) are highlighted to indicate selection
  • Click Insert
  • Story Edit Page appears and you will see your selected items in your Story! Audio and Video files require some additional processing time. No need to wait, you may continue with other activities while your transfer from Attic is processing!

Note: Documents upload as PDF and embed in body of your Story and requires reader to click to open.

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