The Attic is a Content repository for you and your Family Members. The Attic houses your private repository, called My Attic - and each Family you belong to has a Family Attic. You can move between Attics easily.  The instructions below help to understand which Attic you are viewing and how to switch between Attics.

  • Click Attic on the top of any Kinscape Page
  • Attic screen appears showing My Attic icon and Family Attic icon for each Family you belong to
  • Click My Attic - On the top left side of the navigation bar My Attic with Down Arrow appears telling you that you are currently viewing 'My Attic' content
  • Click on the Down Arrow next to the Attic name and you will see all other shared Family Attics you have access to
  • Click on any Family Attic to switch to that Attic

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