Uploading Content to the Attic is fast and easy. You can upload multiple Content files from an array of sources in a single upload. Upload image(s), audio, video, or document files from your Computer, a URL link, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and Flickr in one quick step.

To upload to the Attic:

  • Click Attic on the top of any Kinscape Page
  • Attic screen appears showing My Attic icon and Family Attic icon for each Family you belong to
  • Click My Attic or a Family Attic to select upload destination
  • Click Upload button on top navigation bar
  • By default, you are now ready to upload from My Computer. However, you may select from any of the other external sources listed!
  • To upload from any source, highlight the desired source from menu on left side of your screen (My Computer, URL link, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, Flickr)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for any Content source selected. Each time you select an Item of Content, that Content will be added to your on-screen upload list. You may select from multiple sources!
  • To add more Content, click Add More Files (middle of your screen)
  • When you are ready and all chosen files are listed, click Upload button (bottom right of list box)
  • Your uploaded files will appear in the Attic selected, showing the upload date.
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