What Family Member Can Do

Drill down to access Family Member Profiles and Stories. See, Contribute to, or Comment on their Shared Stories. Here, you can Send a Message to a Family Member.

  • Click Familyscape on top of any Kinscape page
  • Click FamilyCover Image icon or the Open button to select a Family and see its Family Members
  • Family page for selected Family appears
  • Click desired Family Member icon to open selected Family Member Page
  • Specific Family Member Page appears
  • Click on Send A Message, or
  • Read Profile, or
  • Click on any Story icon to open Shared Stories from Family Member

What Family Connector Can Do

The Family Connector (creator of the Family) can do more!  

  • See status of Family member invitation(s) (accepted or pending)
  • Add a Family Member
  • Remove a Family Member
  • Edit Family Settings
  • Delete Family (if no Family Members invited or no Stories have been Shared with this Family)

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