Anyone can Add a Family. When you Add a Family, you become the Family Connector. 

What is a Family?

A Family is any group of people invited by the Family Connector to join a Kinscape Family.  Family can be actual kin (people with common ancestry), relatives, friends or acquaintances. Upon acceptance of the invitation, the invitee becomes a Family Member. Family Members can Create, Share, Contribute to, and Comment on Stories.

How to Add a Family

  • Click Familyscape on any Kinscape page.
  • Click + Add Family (from main navigation bar or Family icon field)
  • Add a Family box appears
  • Enter Name of your Family (type Name only, do not add the word ‘Family’)
  • Click Create Family button
  • The Family Page for new Family appears 
  • You are ready to Edit Family (view My Families list, Add Family Members, Edit Family Settings, Delete Family) 


  • You are the Family Connector for the new Family you added
  • You control who is invited to Family and what they can see
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