The Family Connector (person who created the Family) can add one or more Family Member(s) at any time. Family Members are added on the Family page:

  • Click Familyscape on the top of any Kinscape page
  • Click Family Cover Image icon or the Open button for desired Family

Gather Email Addresses

The system uses email to send invitations to the people you wish to add to your Family. Gather email addresses for those you wish to invite to make sending your invitations easier. 

Prepare and Send Email Invitation(s)

Family page appears for Family selected and shows all Family Member icons (Family Member icon lists picture, name, location, and Family Connector designation). Now you are ready to prepare your email invitation to prospective Family Members.

Step One - Enter Email Addresses 

  • Click + Add Family Members button on the navigation bar
  • Add Family Members screen appears
  • Enter email address(s) for people you wish to invite to the Family. If you wish to enter more than one address, separate each entry with a comma
  • To remove an address, click the X to the left of the unwanted address
  • When done, press Enter key on your keyboard

Step Two - Review / Customize Email Message

Now it is time to review Your Message. You can use the system-provided standard message (see Your Message box) or replace with your own personalized message!  

  • Highlight the existing text you wish to change 
  • Overwrite your new message

Step Three - Send Invitations

All email addresses entered and your message ready to send?

  • Click Send Invitations
  • System returns you to Family Page
  • Message confirming the number of people who have been invited appears.

Your new Family Members can join you in the Kinscape experience as soon as they accept your invitation. The system recognizes them as a Member of your Family when they sign in. They can access the Family Page for the Family you invited them to and they now belong!

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