The Family Connector can remove Family Member(s) from the Family they created. Other Family Members cannot remove anyone in the Family. 

  • Click Familyscape on top of any Kinscape page
  • Click Family Cover Image icon or the Open button to select a Family and see its Family Members
  • Family page for selected Family appears
  • Click desired Family Member icon to open selected Family Member Page
  • Specific Family Member Page appears
  • Click on Remove From Family button
  • The Family Member will not be notified that they have been removed

Process complete!  

Note: If you experience a problem with this feature, please click on Help Button and let us know!  Click Start a Conversation and type in your message and attach a screen shot. 

To capture a screen shot simply depress the Ctrl key (bottom left of keyboard) and the Print Screen key (top right of keyboard) at same time to grab a picture of your screen. Go back to the Conversation box in Help and right-click on your mouse and select Paste from the menu (or simply depress Ctrl key and letter V at same time). 

Your screen shot will be pasted into the Conversation box and we will be able to better understand any issue you are experiencing.

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