The Four Pillars of Kinscape

The Kinscape experience is fun and easy to use! The four pillars of Kinscape are:

  • Storyscape - Where Stories are created, edited, viewed, kept Private, or are Shared with a Family
  • Familyscape - Where Families are created, Family Members are invited and managed.
  • My Life - Where you create your Family Member Profile with biographical information about you. You control the information about you that others see; you can Share or keep Private select information about you. Unshared private Stories are accessed here.
  • Attic - A Content repository for you and your Family Members. It includes:
    (1)  My Attic - this is your personal and private repository of images, audio, video files or documents. Use My Attic for quick upload or temporary storage. When you are ready, you can move items to a shared Family Attic or insert items into a Profile or Story. You can download content at any time.
    (2) Family Attic is a shared repository of images, audio, video files or documents of common interest to a specific Family. Each Family has a Family Attic that all Family Members can access. Family Members can insert items into a Profile or Story and can download content at any time.

How Kinscape Works

Start a Story (it is saved in My Life as Private Story until you choose to Share it)

Step Two - Create a Family and Invite Family Members

Step Three - Share your Story with a Family

Step Four - Collaborate with your Family, keep writing and keep Sharing!

Benefits to your Family

  • Family Connections are made and strengthened 
  • Worldwide capability bridges the gap of Family's geographic separation 
  • Increased Family interaction, communication and Shared understanding 
  • Family Stories and precious memories are captured and preserved for future generations
  • Learn about Family Members and remember loved ones through Shared biographical Family Member Profiles 
  • Build the Family's collection of images, audio, video and important documents
  • Gives access to the Family collection to all Family Members

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