Stories are comprised of Chapters (defined by Chapter Headings) and Pages of Content.


All material in Kinscape is called Content. There are five types of Content:
1 - Text
2 - Images (pictures)
3 - Video(s)
4 - Audio file(s)
5 - Document(s)


Each Content type starts in a new Page (you cannot mix Content types within a Page). Every time you click on a new Content type - a new Page is created. You can Insert New Content before or after any Page.

You can have multiple Pages within a Chapter. You can have one Chapter or many. 

Chapter Headings

When writing your Story, be sure to create Chapter Headings by using the H1 (heading 1) text option. Chapter Headings make your Story easier to read and ease Story navigation. Chapter Headings populate the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

When your Story is done, your Chapter Headings appear in Table of Contents at the top of your Story. 

Chapter Headings in the Table of Contents are linked to specific location of the Chapter in the body of your Story. A simple click on the Chapter Heading in the Table of Contents at the top of your Story takes your reader to the Chapter location in the Story. 

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