Features Available Now and Coming Soon!

Available Now

Build and edit your Profile, manage your log in information (including password), access your Private Stories, and switch view to access Shared Stories in My Life. You can also Start a Story from My Life page. Current site Profile capability presents 'information' about you.

Coming Soon!

Expansion of Profile capability in My Life is underway! Soon you will be able to expand your Profile in a 'Story' format.  You will be able to add and share autobiographical information about yourself or add biographical information about ancestors, beloved Family Members, children and even Pets.

You can Profile (write about) the life of an important relative or Friend and share it with others who may not have known them. You can document your life events, challenges, achievements and share with those you love. Profiles in My Life will become a rich resource for friends and family and for future generations.

Kinscape is 100% Private

Remember, Kinscape is private and free of advertising. Only you and the persons you choose will have access to the Stories, Profiles, Images, Audio and Video files, and documents you share.

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