About Stories

Storyscape allows Family Members to create descriptions or narrative about topics, events, or anything they may wish to document or record. They can fortify their text Story with images, audio, video or even uploaded documents that embed in their Story. They can create a Private Story or they can Share their Story with invited Family Members. When a Story is Shared, the voices of many Family Members are contributed and combine to enrich the Story. Family Members can post a Comment about a Shared Story, as well!

When a Story is updated, Contributed to by another Family Member, or when a Comment is posted, Family Members are alerted to Story changes via email message.

Private Stories

A Private (unshared) Story is one that can can only be viewed and edited by the Family Member who created it (the Author). All Stories are Private until you choose to Share them with a Family. A Story can be held Private as long as you wish, even forever!

Shared Stories

A Shared Story is one that is Shared with a specific Family. All Family Members in that Family can read, Contribute (add pages of Content) to, and/or post a Comment about the Shared Story. 

Family Members are alerted to updates and Contributions to the story via email and messages they will see upon their next log in.

Story Categories

All Stories can be assigned a Story Category. This allows you to group Stories of similar type - such as Weddings, Travel, Sailing, or Celebrations).

Story Cover Image

Each Story is represented by a Story Cover Image that is used to define and access the Story. It shows:

  • Story Name
  • Cover Image representing the Story (you select an image and upload it)
  • Story Description (a short description that entices the reader to read your Story)
  • Author's Picture / Avatar

Storyscape Features Overview

In Storyscape and its subsequent Story pages, you will see all Story Cover Images and key information about the Story. Within Storyscape you can:

  • Start a New Story
  • Delete a Story
  • Share a Story with a Family
  • View Stories (access multiple views of Stories)
  • Open a Story to Edit / Contribute to a Story
  • Post a Comment about a Story
  • Search for Stories

You can view Stories several ways:

  • All Stories
  • Shared Stories
  • Private Stories
  • Stories by Family
  • Stories by Family Member
  • Stories by Category

You can see information about a Story:

  • Name of Family that Story Shared with
  • Title of Story
  • Author of Story / Picture or Avatar
  • When Story was Created
  • When Story last updated
  • Number of Chapters in the Story

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