What is a Comment?

A Comment is a short text statement that expresses an opinion about a Story or an Item in a Story.

Post a Comment on a Shared Story

Family Members can Comment on a Shared Story in their Family. The system notifies the Author that you have posted a Comment so they can view it! 

If you post a Comment, you can Remove it later. 

If you have added a picture of yourself to your Profile, Family Members will see your picture, name, and the date you posted, along with your Comment. 

How to Post a Comment

  • Click Storyscape
  • Click Open on Story icon for Story you want to Read.
  • On top right of Page or at end of Story, Click Comments About This Story button 
  • Story Comments box opens (add comments or view comments made by others)
  • Type Comment in Add Your Comment Here box
  • Press Enter on your keyboard – your Comment is posted
  • View your Comment and click Remove if you wish to delete Comment
  • Click X on the Story Comments box to close Comments
  • When you click Comments About This Story button again – you will see your posted Comment and you can add a new Comment

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