Add Your Voice to a Story

Multiple Family Members can add their own voice to a Story (or Contribute to a Story) by adding pages of Content. 

This is more than posting a Comment. It is true Collaboration. The Family Member(s) can send messages to the Author about the Story to request more information, or correct an entry in the Story, or even refresh the Author's memory about an event in the Story. Family Members become Collaborators when they Contribute to any Shared Story. 

How to Collaborate

You can add Pages and Chapters of any Content type. Remember, text, Image, audio, video, or document uploads are always added to new Page; you cannot mix Content types on a Page. 

When others see your Contribution, you will be listed as the Author of the new Content!

Collaborators cannot edit the Author’s Content. Collaborators can edit only the Content they contribute. 

How to Contribute to a Story:

  • Click on Storyscape from any Kinscape page.
  • Click Open, on Story icon for Story you want to Read
  • Click Contribute button 
  • System will show you locations in the Story where you can add Content, Move cursor to any available location and Click on + sign
  • Content options appear 
  • Click Text icon to add a new text page
  • Click Attic to insert Image(s), Audio, Video, or Document stored in My Attic or a Family Attic
  • Click Image(s), Audio, Video, or Document icon to begin a new Page and insert Content from your Computer or an external source
  • Follow on-screen instructions for image, audio, video or document upload
  • Follow on-screen instructions to Add Caption to a single uploaded image, audio, video or document or to a set (more than one of same type)
  • Click Done Editing when finished 

Notify Family Members of Story Contribution

  • Since you have Contributed Content to a shared Story in a Family, Send a Message to Family Members screen appears asking if you wish to notify them of your contribution to the Story (when you are done editing)
  • If ready to notify Family Members of your contribution – click Yes. Confirmation that message sent will appear. Click X to close confirmation message
  • If not ready to notify / want to stay in Story edit mode – click No, Continue editing. You will remain in edit mode
  • If not ready to notify and want to leave this Page – click No, Preview Story. Story Page appears showing your Story in final form and includes contributed content

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