Make a Duplicate Copy of a Story You Authored 

If you are the Author of a Story you can make a duplicate copy for use within Kinscape. To use the Copy feature:

  • Click Storyscape or My Life to view Stories 
  • Click Open on Story icon for Story you wish to Copy
  • Mouse over the Story icon and a Copy option appears
  • Click Copy (System makes copy, stores it as a new Private Story in My Life)
  • A copy confirmation message appears (bar at top of Page, click X to close)
  • System transfers you to  My Life to view Copied Story
  • It is strongly suggested that you Open copied Story and Rename it (to avoid duplicate titles and confusion)  - You are now ready to use features and functions as if it were a new Story!

NOTE: updates to the original Story will not be updated in the copied Story. The copied Story remains unique and independent of the original Story.

Copy a Story to Export

To make a copy of a Story for use outside Kinscape, use the standard copy and paste features in your computer or handheld device. For example, if you wish to copy your Story to a Word file from your device:

  • Select text you wish to copy (all or part of your Story)
  • Copy using features in your computer or handheld device
  • Open destination file in Word 
  • Paste copied text

You cannot use Download Media button on the Edit Page to download the Story and its components because that will download your Story as a simple image (jpeg or other image format). 

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