Activate Edit Mode

You must be in Edit mode on the Story Edit Page to add or edit text, image, audio or video Content or upload a document into a new Story or an existing Story. 

To create a new Story:

  • Click Start a Story button
  • Blank Story template opens; you are in Edit mode and ready to write your Story!

To edit an existing Story:

  • Click Storyscape or MyLife on the top of any Kinscape page
  • Open the Story you wish to edit
  • Click Edit button to begin Edit mode 
  • Story Edit Page opens – you are ready to add Content or edit Story!

Add Content or Edit Your Story

In edit mode:

  • See the Type Here prompt on the Page; begin typing!

Chapter Heading and Text in Paragraphs

  • Start by typing Chapter Heading text
  • Select Chapter Heading text by moving the cursor back over Heading text (selected text is highlighted)
  • Click H1 (Heading 1) on the text menu (menu appears above your selected text)
  • Press Enter on your keyboard; Chapter Heading created! (Click again if you wish to remove H1 option)
  • Then begin typing to add text paragraphs

Add Special Effects to Text

  • Select characters you want to Bold, Italicize, Underscore, put in Quotes, or add URL link by moving the cursor back over Heading text (selected text is highlighted)
  • Select desired text option from menu. You can select B = bold, I = italicize, U = underscore, " = Quotes, or # = add URL link.

Add Content in New Pages:  Text, Image(s), Audio, Video or Document(s) 

  • Click Text icon to add a new Chapter; repeat Chapter Heading instructions
  • Click Attic to insert Image(s), Audio, Video or Documents stored in My Attic or a Family Attic 
  • Click Image(s), Audio, Video, or Document icon to begin a new Page and insert Content from your Computer or an external source. 
  • Follow on-screen instructions for image, audio, video or document upload
  • Follow on-screen instructions to Add Caption to: a single image or set of images (8 maximum), audio file, video file, or document file.
  • Click Done Editing to preview your Story changes!

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