You can Insert New Content into a new Story or an existing Story. If you are not the Author of the Story, you can Contribute to another's Story.  

These instructions apply when using Start a Story, Edit a Story, or Contribute to a Story.

Activate Edit Mode

To Insert New Content in a Story you must be in edit mode on the Story Edit Page. 

  • Click Open or Contribute on the Story Icon to open the Story you wish to Edit or Contribute to
  • Click Edit or Contribute in the top navigation bar to activate Edit mode 

Now, you are ready to insert text, image, audio, or video and you can upload document(s). 

Each Type of New Content Starts a New Page

Each time you click Insert New Content button a new Page starts. This is because you cannot mix Content types within a single Page – so a new Page begins to accommodate the new Content type. Content may be either Text (typed in using keyboard), Content inserted from the Attic (from My Attic or a shared Family Attic), or Content uploaded from your computer or other sources!

How to Insert New Content in a Story

To begin, move your cursor to the left side of the Page and you will see a purple circle with a '+' sign (this is the Insert New Content button):

  • Click Insert New Content button 
  • List of Content options appears; new Page starts  
  • Click the Content option you wish to use: Text, Attic, or upload of Image(s), Audio, Video, or Document from your computer or other sources
  • For Text Content, the words Type Here will appear on the new Page; begin typing!
  • For Content from the Attic, click Attic. Attic screen appears, click on My Attic or a Family Attic and select media you wish to insert
  • For all other types of Content, follow on-screen instructions to guide your access and upload of Image(s), Audio, Video, or Document. 

Note: Documents upload as PDF and embed in body of your Story and requires reader to click to open.

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