Private Story

To preview updates to a Private Story:

  • On the Edit Page, click Done Editing

Shared Story

To preview updates to a Shared Story and alert Family Members to updates:

  • On the Edit Page, click Done Editing
  • If your Story has been shared with a Family, Send a Message to Family Members screen appears asking if you wish to notify them of updates to your Story
  • If ready to notify Family Members of Updates to your Story – click Yes. Confirmation that message sent will appear. Click X to close confirmation message
  • If not ready to notify / want to stay in Story edit mode – click No, Continue editing. You will remain in edit mode.
  • If not ready to notify and want to leave this Page – click No, Preview Story. Story Page appears showing your Story in final form

Toggle Between Edit and Done Editing

You can build your Story in one session or multiple sessions. For example, you can start a Story, put in basic Content, and come back later to add more Content (make sure you are in edit mode – click Edit). Click Done Editing when finished. Go back and forth between these modes as often as you like.

Story is Private Until You Share It

The system keeps your Story Private until you choose to Share it. You are the only person who can view your Private Stories.

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