View All Stories, Shared Stories or Private Stories

Storyscape provides access to Stories. A simple click allows you to switch your view between All stories, Shared stories (Stories you have shared or others have shared with you), or Private stories. The number of Stories you have in each category is shown. 

The example below shows a user with 10 Stories in All, with 9 Shared Stories and 1 Private Story.  

The example shows All Stories is selected (notice that 10 All is highlighted). Click All, Shared or Private to toggle between Story views. A click on Shared would show Shared Stories only.  A click on Private would show Private Stories only.

View Stories by Family, Family Member or Category

Want to see Stories by Family, Family Member or Category? You can filter your Story view with a simple click. 

The navigation bar in Storyscape (example above) shows filter switch for Stories by: Family, Member, or Category. 

To filter your stories by Family click the Family down arrow - a list of the Families you belong to appears. Click the Family of choice and Stories for that Family appear. Repeat the process to filter by Member or Category!

Search for Stories

On the far right side of the navigation bar, click Search for Stories and type the story title or a few words from the title of the Story you are seeking and press enter. Stories relevant to your search will appear!

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